Exploring Le Marche

Exploring Le Marche

A Day Trip Exploring the Cultural Gems of Le Marche…art & archaeology, olive oil & wine, shoes & leather goods.


Le Marche has one of the highest concentrations of artistic treasures in Italy. You might not find a Michelangelo or an Uffizi Gallery, but tucked away in small churches in hilltop towns, and palatial villas in medieval centres, you'll find Lottos and Crivellis and all kinds of treasures by artists and craftsmen you've probably never heard of.

And that's the joy of this region - surprises await you around every cobbled corner, and through every narrow valley, where legends and tradition merge to offer unique experiences that simply aren't available on the well-trodden path. But you have to know where to find them, and that's where local help comes in - why not plan a day when all you have to do is lean back and be taken on a journey of surprise, discovery, and appreciation. From Renaissance art to medieval architecture, Roman ruins to modern murals, shopping to olive oil and wine tasting, Le Marche awaits, and the itinerary is yours to decide.


whole year

You could spend the entire day looking at art … or start with a church, go and buy some Italian shoes, and end off with a wine tasting - anything (within reason) is possible. Simply get in touch to discuss where you'd like to go and what kind of tour you'd prefer, and we'll set a convenient date for the outing.


You could start at your rental holiday home, apartment or any convenient meeting point for exploring the Le Marche region.

Number of Participants

min. 2

Price Indication

Prices depend on itinerary and group size, and start at around € 60 per person (excluding meals and museum entrance fees).

Please, contact us info@le-marche-explorer.com