Picnic in the Mountains

A Picnic in the Mountains

Every natural area has its spirit, its grandeur, its views … and its secret places. But you need to know the area to find and enjoy them.


Why not let a local treat you to a day out in Italy's cleanest air, where the legends speak to you through the breeze, and where you'll have the place all to yourself, a place you wouldn't otherwise have known about. Not to mention a picnic spread of delicious local products and wines (if you choose) to make it a day of pure relaxation, and a natural Le Marche experience.


whole year

Simply get in touch to discuss where you'd like to go and what kind of picnic you'd prefer, and we'll set a convenient date for the outing.


Somewhere or anywhere in the majestic Sibillini Mountains.

Number of Participants

min. 4

Price Indication

As a guideline, a "standard picnic" - including homemade bread and freshly-made dishes - for a group of four with transport provided, would cost around € 50 per person. (Costs vary according to the picnic menu, the destination, and the size of the group.)

Please, contact us info@le-marche-explorer.com